Austin & Elliott is a folk duo based in the wilds of Western Mass. We sing original songs about love gone wrong and death done right. 


- "Injecting new, irreverent elements… fun, original take on folk… their shows are a memorable experience." George Pacheco, CBS Boston’s Best Songwriters

- “Beautifully crafted tales of introspection and woe.” - Northeast Performer Magazine

- "Voices meld together perfectly." - Metronome Magazine

- "Dark and irreverent… a modern approach through the dark heart of classic country and Appalachian ballads.” - Joltin' Joe Pszonek, Host of Radio Nowhere 

- "Remember that time Gillian Welch and Robyn Hitchcock collaborated? This is what that project should have sounded like." - The Greenfield Recorder

- "Call it folk with attitude or acoustic metal, it has a Black Sabbath "Iron Man" chord progression beneath Lisa Austin's spot-on vocals.” - Frank Gutch Jr, Acoustic Music Exchange

- "Liza Jane" could easily be nominated as "Song of the Year" at the next Boston Music Awards show with its superb lyrics and mesmerizing musical accompaniment.” - Metronome Magazine

- "Smart, witty lyrics and equally inspiring melodies." The Greenfield Recorder







Thanks for visiting the sundry sounds, pics, and promotional propaganda of singer/songwriter folk duo Austin & Elliott. Christopher Thomas Elliott and Lisa Austin reside, compose, and perform in and around Western Massachusetts. To help support our wild, decadent, out-of-control folk lifestyle, please consider donating via the Paypal button conveniently located right here: