Click here to read a 2017 article about Austin & Elliott in the Greenfield Recorder.

Click here to read a 2017 story about Christopher Elliott in Boston's Metronome Magazine.

Austin & Elliott was a 2017 NERFA Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase Choice.
Chris Elliott was a finalist in the 2018 Great American Song Contest.

Here is our 2018 performance on the Valley Advocate Sessions in Northampton, MA


Watch us perform at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC for John Platt's On Your Radar series.



- "Injecting new, irreverent elements… fun, original take on folk… their shows are a memorable experience." George Pacheco, CBS Boston’s Best Songwriters

- “Beautifully crafted tales of introspection and woe.” - Northeast Performer Magazine

- "Voices meld together perfectly." - Metronome Magazine

- "Dark and irreverent… a modern approach through the dark heart of classic country and Appalachian ballads.” - Joltin' Joe Pszonek, Host of Radio Nowhere 

- "Remember that time Gillian Welch and Robyn Hitchcock collaborated? This is what that project should have sounded like." - The Greenfield Recorder

- "Call it folk with attitude or acoustic metal, it has a Black Sabbath "Iron Man" chord progression beneath Lisa Austin's spot-on vocals.” - Frank Gutch Jr, Acoustic Music Exchange

- "Liza Jane" could easily be nominated as "Song of the Year" at the next Boston Music Awards show with its superb lyrics and mesmerizing musical accompaniment.” - Metronome Magazine

- "Smart, witty lyrics and equally inspiring melodies." The Greenfield Recorder


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